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The Perfect place to buy and sell beautiful and original things, hand made by beautiful original people...

The Stanhope Arms has so many heart strings to its bows.

Our in house Craft Fayre, 'Hearts and Crafts' is held in the outside marquee on the last Sunday of the month. It's a great place to buy a very original gift for a Birthday, Christmas, the birth of a baby, a keepsake, or just something nice for the home. The best way to learn more details is to come along on the last Sunday in every month.

You can always ask Sarah anything by calling the pub on  

01959 561970 and saying: "Is Sarah available please?"

Sarah responds very well to that. The Fayre is open to local sellers from Brasted, Otford, Sevenoaks, Sundridge, Knockholt, Pratt's Bottom and Westerham, and all traders must sell only hand made goods.

As a market place it's ideal for Ladies who like to have a good look round and buy something for someone that's entirely suitable, and well thought out, while the fella in your life can slip into the bar and relax with a drink, a newspaper, and for the real man in season, an opportunity to nick all the free roast potatoes not really contributing a lot in the way of ideas, but feeling totally at ease for the rest of the day. Using the reverse psychology, we also have Ladies who do the drinking while the more modern man buys the gift.

It always helps the exhibitors if you have lots of loose clanky change with you...or alternatively a pile of £10.00 and £20.00 notes you'd like to spend on something nice.

Presents the

Hearts and Crafts Fayre

on the last Sunday of every month.

"Always Crafty

but always Fayre.."


Bargain Madness!


An Absolutely brilliant array of soft toys that you won't find just anywhere..

A range of fantastic looking Jewellery that would make anyone's best friend jealous....

Framing, packaging, all sorts of items can be found at The Stanhopes 'Hearts and Craft Fayre'.

Gift Boxes, pictures, photo mounts, hearts, mini chest of's a magical experience for families to peruse!

...before you start an afternoon of cruising the stalls, heres some craft of our own!

Some of these cosmetic bags and toiletry holders, and things I don't really know what they're called



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Beautiful scene of the Brasted Church at dawn.